Growing Up Young

by Old Cabin

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Laura Inostroza Perfect background and good vibes music Favorite track: Leaving Town.
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Thanks to all my friends and family for helping shape these songs and the person I am today. Thanks to Jordy Walker & Erin Corbett for doing such an amazing job. Thanks to my band: Johnny, Fiona, Ryan & Micah. Thanks to Fletch for being a Great friend through the years. Thanks to Taryn for being awesome in general. Thanks Mom for always being there, Dad for the inspiration. Thanks to Dave for being a rock. Thanks to Kyle & Mo for being the best cheerleaders anyone could ask for.
I’d like to dedicate this EP to some people who have greatly influenced me
Aunt Betty Walter Carlson Reid Parent
Aunt Donna Buddy Tabor Tagish Johns


released April 30, 2012

All songs written by Jona Barr
Recorded at Stackwall & Jona's Dads House
Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jordy Walker
Cover and CD art by Erin Corbett

Jona Barr
Jordy Walker
Johnny Rodgers
Micah Smith
Fiona Solon
Ryan Mcnally



all rights reserved


Old Cabin Whitehorse, Yukon

Old Cabin is the project of Whitehorse, YT based songwriter Jona Barr. Personal, but with a national vision developed through extensive touring and collaborations, Jona’s songs are expansive enough to accommodate large arrangements and intimate enough to be performed solo, always with sincerity, honesty, and an in-the-moment spontaneity. ... more

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Track Name: New Flashing Lights
I’ve got a new aged friend, who knows it all and it all depends, old ladder shaking up this tree, my moms got a new boy just like my poppa, he can be cruel and mean.
Trying to be older a little bit bolder, picking up the shadows of our minds, each day is a new one, sometimes not so much fun, you know what I mean
I’ve got a picture in my pocket for luck, sometimes what’s good isn’t good enough, living easy aint what it used to be, can you spare some change for a life that’s gone astray, hopeless hope full day today, I want a new corvette, it rides exactly like the wind, new flashing lights and a dvd screen.
Track Name: Leaving Town
I’ve been thinking a lot about leaving town, I’ve been buried underground, I’ve been thinking a lot about my own way, and I’ve been hopeless in the sound, buried in the ground, kick it off again, I’ve been thinking a lot about moving on, I’ve been searching for the spot, you could have it all, define your own truth, I would hope to see you though, buried in the sound, kick it off again, I’ve been thinking a lot about leaving town, I’ve been buried underground, I could see it all define what you feel, I could hope for the best, buried in the ground, kick it off again.
Track Name: Wasted
Sitting in the backyard calling the dog, breaking car windows and carrying logs, I am sorry but I’m never going to get any better, wasted my time calling you I’ve wasted my time, spent too much time sleeping under the stairs, taking sleeping pills and getting the stares, I want a real bed so I can sleep, I want real food so I can eat, wasted my time calling you, I’ve wasted my time, I’ve waited a long time to show my strengths, I’ve lost a lot of friends and I’ve tried at great lengths to save my dignity and give thanks, I’ve wasted my time calling you, I’m wasted.
Track Name: Broken Home
I’ve been here for years, opening and closing doors for you, this old shower fogs up the mirrors, the windows, and the walls, my hair is leaking, my feet are cracking up, my heart is cold and my eyelids are thinning out
These mice are crawling up my insides and the birds have nested in my hat, the ground hogs have buried my shoes, and my old friends have fallen down again,
I’m just sitting here watching the news.
Track Name: Crag Lake
drip swoosh drip crunch slam
Track Name: Acorn
Picking up the acorn, packing for the winter, salt for the icy roads gravel works better, getting up for six am middle of the morning, pack up in the truck now, time to get going, cabin fever seems to get the best of me, stirred and crazy not who I want to be, maybe I’ll build a fire that’s warm and dry, water in the pot to help, pass the time, go to school , little past eight, learn about the gold rush sealed a lot of fates, trudging really hard now trying to build a tree fort, climbing up this ladder made of wood, out on the lake during mid day, try to catch a fish, gut it and eat it, stayed out a little, little to late, watch the stars come out right as the light fades away, soon the stars will come out right , yes they will shine their light, aura borealis dances in a mystical height, time to go to bed, stayed up a little too late, time to go to bed for a new day.